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Who are the clients:

Our clients are IT companies TOP 100 and engineering companies and production companies in Europe. As we are Belgian, we have many clients in Belgium, but we are expanding our territory to neighbouring countries. All clients accept English speaking professionals from our target area’s.

What are we:

The RF is a matrix organisation of professional recruiters in different countries (freelancers and employees). They select the profiles that they want to find as they are distributed in the RF- matrix. They deliver in 3-4 weeks.

We redesigned the workplaces into a state-of-the-art organisation ready for the future. Among the recruiters we are like “UBER” and we shifted the existing classical way of recruiting, recruiting fee’s and the area’s and procedures. We really find people as we work in different countries and time zones at the same time. So, we create added value for our candidates and our clients.

Where do we find candidates - search area’s:

Eastern Europe for technical specialists, engineering and production jobs

Eastern Europe for IT jobs

Ukraine, Russia, Romania and Eastern European countries for freelancers in IT

We do not accept candidates from countries outside of Europe except from Russia and Ukraine for freelance IT jobs.

This has to do with work permits and regulations in Europe. We do not make the laws on immigration.

Secure your future - how to enter in our talent pool:

Follow the apply link and submit your CV to the ATS for automated onboarding and matchmaking and AI based processing in order to have a match making with our clients and to be present in our talent pool for the future.

Secure your job for the future ! Apply today ! Secure your job in Belgium, France, Germany or Holland.